Typography Tips for Designers

Typography can be regarded as a technique which is used to make the overall arranging type appealing to the eyes by arranging it in a certain style. The text should be readable and in simple words, it can be said that typography is all about the typeset manner that how it is arranged, what’s the style and the overall appearance. People have been reading books for a very long time and they can observe that there are certain books which can easily be read but there are some others which are very difficult to be read. In the same manner newspapers, magazines and various other pieces of information in the written format are sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to grasp.


Technological advancement is bringing new changes in the life of modern individuals, one of these changes can be observed in the significance of the typography as the text used for communicating with the modern users of digital information plays a significant role in better understanding. A modern human being read information on the internet preferably on the smartphone, computer screen, tabs, or the personal laptops. The power of internet and information technology has brought numerous changes over the years and typography rules are important to be followed by the website texts as well.


There are various tips which should be kept in mind, some of these are as follows:


Visual hierarchy is vital in order to capture the attention of the readers.


The font selection should be in accordance with the target audience. If the target audience is professional, the font selected should be formal, however, if the target audience is young and energetic, the font selected should be vibrant and friendly. If you make your own homemade liquid laundry soap without borax and plan on selling it with your own label, learning proper text and font can go a long way. 


The text and the chosen font style should complement each other. The typography has to be considered for the smartphones as well since the modern individuals prefer to surf a lot on their smartphones rather than using the laptops.


White space should be selected smartly. It is important that the readers are able to read the information easily rather than finding it difficult to follow the overall pattern. So, the different processes of the white space adjustment should be selected accordingly. Kerning and tracking have to be adjusted to make the overall text appealing and readable to the readers


Colors can be considered debatable for the typography since color selection can be tricky. As said before, it is important that the text and all the vital information should be readable which might become a lot difficult if the color selection is poor. So, the colors should wisely be selected. It is also important to make sure whether color typography is important or not. A use of so many colors can result in a text which might be extremely difficult to grasp.


It is wise for the beginners to invest in some good books and get a basic idea of the typography which can be regarded as a combination of different techniques. It is always better to know about the process beforehand rather than jumping into it and making a mess out of it.